2003 AAAA

Boone County Show Title: The Awakening
2003 Repertoire:
  • The Awakening by J.M. Martin / Jerry Kelsey / Benoit Jutras
Head Director: Dave Webber
Assistant Directors: Terry Wyatt, Tom Mueller (percussion), Shawn Scott
Percussion Staff: Durran Alexander, Jeremy Scott
Colorguard Staff: Drew Steinbrecher, Megan Iles
Music Arrangers: Jerry Kelsey (winds), Tom Mueller (percussion)
Winds and Percussion: 115
Colorguard: 17
Total Members: 132
Campbell County Show Title: Signs
2003 Repertoire:
  • Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack, "Signs" by James Newton Howard
Head Director: Chris Hedges
Assistant Directors: Kevin Towner, Mike Zerhusen
Percussion Staff: Keith Connelly, Ryan Connelly, Gary Griffith, Jeff Stahl
Colorguard Staff: Julie Dickmeyer, Elizabeth Glass, Rebecca Fieler
Winds and Percussion: 93
Colorguard: 16
Total Members: 109
Eastern Show Title: Orchestrations
2003 Repertoire:
  • The Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra by Benjamin Britten
  • Pie Jesu by Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • Death Hunt by Bernard Hermann
Head Director: Mike Arthur
Assistant Director: Andy Reynolds
Percussion Staff: Chris Parker
Colorguard Staff: Jeremy Rice, Adie Shelby
Brass Tech: Russell Shartzer
Woodwind Tech: Kathy Liebig
Winds and Percussion: 95
Colorguard: 29
Total Members: 124
Greenwood Show Title: Covenant: Songs Of The Exodus
2003 Repertoire:
  • I Am by Brian Morrison
  • Red Sea Crossing by Brian Morrison
  • Desert Sabbath by Brian Morrison
  • Covenant by Brian Morrison
Head Director: Brian Morrison
Assistant Director: Chris Cecil
Percussion Staff: Neil Lucas
Colorguard Staff: Jamie Lott
Winds and Percussion: 149
Colorguard: 30
Total Members: 179
Henderson County Show Title: Ritmo Caliente
2003 Repertoire:
  • Malambo by Alberto Ginastera
  • P-House Funk by David Ratliff
  • Adios Nonino by Astor Piazolla
  • The Dirty Boogie by Brian Setzer
Head Director: Brandon L. Stinnett
Assistant Directors: Paul Metzger, Amy Noon-Tovar, Jim Daughters
Percussion Staff: Rusty Carter, Ed Kearns, Chris Perkins
Colorguard Staff: Joni Leistner, Kari Rager
Music Arranger: David Ratliff (percussion)
Winds and Percussion: 100
Colorguard: 27
Total Members: 127
Lafayette Show Title: Rejuvenation
2003 Repertoire:
  • Drive (from Ben Hur, Movement I) by Micklos Rozsa
  • Kinetic (from Ben Hur, Movement II) by Micklos Rozsa
  • Enervation (from Water Night) by Eric Whitacre
  • Force (from Ben Hur, Movement IV) by Micklos Rozsa
Head Director: Charles M. Smith
Assistant Director: Dr. Terry Magee
Percussion Staff:
Colorguard Staff:
Winds and Percussion: 202
Colorguard: 40
Total Members: 242
Madisonville-North Hopkins Show Title: Images Of Celebration
2003 Repertoire:
  • Fantasia In G by Timothy Mahr
  • Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini (Variation 18) by Sergei Rachmaninov
  • Prelude Fugue And Riffs by Leonard Bernstein
Head Director: Robert M. Bryant
Assistant Directors: Alan D. Emerson, Randall L. Adams (percussion)
Percussion Staff: James Powell
Colorguard Staff: Troy Jones, Brittany Harris
Student Teacher: Brad Hammock
Marching and Brass Techs: Abrem Barr, Ricky Plunkett
Winds and Percussion: 87
Colorguard: 32
Total Members: 119
Male Show Title: Symphonic Reflections
2003 Repertoire:
  • Music From The Ballet Daphnis And Chloe by Maurice Ravel
Head Director: Nanette Moore
Assistant Directors: Ashley Taylor, Tim Hanley, John Stutts
Percussion Staff: Tim Gipson, Ken Wen
Colorguard Staff: Del Duke
Winds and Percussion: 130
Colorguard: 29
Total Members: 159
North Hardin Show Title: Color Music
2003 Repertoire:
  • Green by Michael Torke
  • October by Eric Whitacre
  • Bright Blue by Eric Whitacre
Head Director: Brian Froedge
Assistant Directors: Susan Baumgardner, David Jaggie
Percussion Staff: Aaron Frye, Terry Hill
Colorguard Staff: Joshua Benningfield, Matthew Foli
Winds and Percussion: 118
Colorguard: 10
Total Members: 128
Paul Laurence Dunbar Show Title: The Musical World Of "Anime"
2003 Repertoire:
  • Anime by Mark Higginbotham
Head Director: Jeffrey A. Hood
Assistant Director: Brian Morgan (percussion)
Percussion Staff: Jason Koontz
Colorguard Staff: Stacey Wasson, Rocky Binder, Jay Logan, Liz Farrar
Student Teacher: JoAnn Sterneberg
Winds and Percussion: 126
Colorguard: 40
Total Members: 166
Tates Creek Show Title: Triumphant Echoes
2003 Repertoire:
  • Festive Overture by Dimitri Shostakovich
  • Peterloo Overture by Sir Malcom Arnold
Head Director: Janet Allen-Cave
Assistant Director: Andy Critz
Percussion Staff: Brian Flack, Brian Lewellen
Colorguard Staff: Britney Morton, Jessica Critz
Winds and Percussion: 105
Colorguard: 20
Total Members: 125