2003 AAA

Allen County-Scottsville Show Title: Channel One Suite
2003 Repertoire:
  • Channel One Suite by Bill Reddie, arr. Wayne Downey
    • Movement One
    • Movement Two
    • Movement Three

    Head Director: J. Shawn Huff
    Assistant Directors: John S. Hall, Anne Vinson
    Percussion Staff:
    Colorguard Staff: Gina Huff, Candace Rogers
    Marching Tech and Low Brass Staff: John Testa
    Winds and Percussion: 80
    Colorguard: 33
    Total Members: 113
Ballard Show Title: Urban SOUNDscapes
2003 Repertoire:
  • Urban SOUNDscapes
    • Daybreak
    • Quiet City
    • Traffic
    • Day's End

    Head Director: Charles B. Stewart
    Assistant Directors: Patrick O'Rourke (percussion), Gerry Sexton (colorguard)
    Percussion Staff: Jay Farley, Todd Parker, Jason Hall
    Colorguard Staff: Kat Reid, Christy Page
    Other Staff: Erin Stewart, Raymond Green, Mike Grimes
    Winds and Percussion: 65
    Colorguard: 19
    Total Members: 84
Christian County Show Title: Calm Sea, Prosperous Voyage
2003 Repertoire:
  • Sweet Land Of Liberty by James Sochinski
  • On A Hymnsong Of Philip Bliss by David R. Holsinger
  • Lindbergh Variations by Robert Sheldon
Head Director: Lori Boehman
Assistant Director: Brock Cobb
Percussion Staff:
Colorguard Staff:
Winds and Percussion: 62
Colorguard: 10
Total Members: 72
Cumberland County Show Title: Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind
2003 Repertoire:
  • Prelude (from On Dangerous Ground) by Bernard Herrmann
  • Vide Cor Meum by Patrick Cassidy
  • Death Hunt / The Wild Ride by Bernard Herrmann
Head Director: L. Brent Burris
Assistant Directors: Tracey L. Burris, Kristi Willen
Percussion Staff: Ricky Mudd, Eric Parnell, Kyle Duke, Whitney Sewell
Colorguard Staff: Alisa Steinhilber
Other Staff: Maryellen Cash, Natalie Adcock, Suzanne Doss, Justin Grider,
Chris Anderson, Jaime Upchurch, Matt Bryant

Drill Writers: Robert M. Bryant, L. Brent Burris
Music Arranger: Steven E. Knob
Winds and Percussion: 65
Colorguard: 12
Total Members: 77
Daviess County Show Title:
2003 Repertoire:
  • Concerto In F by George Gershwin
  • Rocky Point Holiday by Ron Nelson
  • Vide Cor Meum (from Hannibal) by Patrick Cassidy
  • Morning Alleluias by Ron Nelson
  • Rocky Point Holiday (tag) by Ron Nelson
Head Director: Lois U. Wiggins
Assistant Director: Gary Kirtley
Percussion Staff: Donnie Mellon, Ed Kearns
Colorguard Staff: Bo Brown, Karen Mellon
Winds and Percussion: 80
Colorguard: 22
Total Members: 102
George Rogers Clark Show Title: "Rhytual"
2003 Repertoire:
  • Pagan Dances: Movement III; The Master Of The Sword by James Barnes
  • Cloudburst by Eric Whitacre
  • Godspeed! by Stephen Melillo
Head Director: Todd Moody
Assistant Directors: Joel Vincent, Trish Torline
Percussion Staff: Frank Oddis, Ben Caldwell, Jed Leach
Colorguard Staff: Dana Thomas, Rob Arnold
Other Staff: Ryan Meeks (trombone), Erica Ashford (pit),
Lawrence Banks (low brass), Jeff Bayerle (saxophone), Willow Cooper (clarinet/flute)

Winds and Percussion: 80
Colorguard: 26
Total Members: 106
Glasgow Show Title: The Planets
2003 Repertoire:
  • Mars by Gustav Holst
  • Venus by Gustav Holst
  • Jupiter by Gustav Holst
Head Director: Greg Stepp
Assistant Directors: Stephen Keys, Ricky Mudd (percussion)
Percussion Staff: Andy Powell
Colorguard Staff: Annie Fuller, Melissa Gentry
Winds and Percussion: 61
Colorguard: 15
Total Members: 76
Henry Clay Show Title: Autumn Reflections
2003 Repertoire:
  • Autumn Reflections
    • Dawn
    • Tranquility
    • Fury
    • Meditation

    Head Director: Michael D. White
    Assistant Director: Mark A. Eck
    Percussion Staff: Greg Strousse, Kris Logue, Justin Fisher
    Colorguard Staff: Lauren-Ashley Pope, Ashley Tindall
    Visual Designer: Mike Grimes
    Marching Techs: Aaron Toft, Darian Sanders
    Winds and Percussion: 74
    Colorguard: 18
    Total Members: 92
John Hardin Show Title: Motions From Within
2003 Repertoire:
  • Precision (from Symphony #8) by Gustav Mahler
  • Grace (from Symphony #1) by Samuel Barber
  • Brilliance (original work) by Steven E. Knob
Head Director: Tom Case
Assistant Directors: Melissa Case, Jesse Floyd, Rob Lee
Percussion Staff: Aaron Dale, Lindsey Ballard, Kermit Olive, Andrew Ruby
Colorguard Staff: Jaime Shumate, Amanda Johnson
Visual Designer: Michael Gaines
Visual / Low Brass Tech: Bryan Reesor
Music Arranger: Steven E. Knob
Winds and Percussion: 78
Colorguard: 24
Total Members: 102
Lawrence County Show Title: Jubilation Suite
2003 Repertoire:
  • Jubilation Suite by Richard Saucedo
    • Movement One
    • Movement Two
    • Movement Three

    Head Director: Jeff Ware
    Assistant Director: Tom Burns
    Percussion Staff:
    Colorguard Staff: Jennifer Burns
    Winds and Percussion: 67
    Colorguard: 14
    Total Members: 81
Lone Oak Show Title: Celebrations Of Humanity
2003 Repertoire:
  • Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland
  • Amber Waves by Morton Gould
  • Appalachian Morning by Paul Winters
Head Director: Scott Ford
Assistant Director: Johnnie Bishop
Percussion Staff: Kevin Ethridge
Colorguard Staff: Stephan Ferguson
Brass Tech: Jeremy Watwood
Winds and Percussion: 72
Colorguard: 25
Total Members: 97
Marshall County Show Title: A Day That Will Live In Infamy
2003 Repertoire:
  • The Battle (from Gladiator) by Hans Zimmer
  • Nimrod (from Enigma Variations) by Sir Edward Elgar
  • Third Symphony, Movement IV by Aaron Copland
Head Director: Michael F. Colvett
Assistant Directors: Ronnie L. Peyton, Steve Mathis
Percussion Staff: Kristin Childers, Ben Rice
Colorguard Staff: Allison Light
Low Brass / Marching Tech: Lee Nuckols
Student Teacher: Jared Hayes
Music Arranger: David Reeves
Winds and Percussion: 76
Colorguard: 16
Total Members: 92
Meade County Show Title: Hungarian Scenes
2003 Repertoire:
  • Hungarian Opener by
  • Hungarian Dance No. 4 by Johannes Brahms
  • Hungarian Dance No. 6 by Johannes Brahms
  • Hungarian Rhapsody by Franz Liszt
Head Director: Bruce W. Soderstrom
Assistant Directors: Christopher P. Schmidt, Bill Kite, Christi Green
Percussion Staff: Brian Love, David Phillips
Colorguard Staff: Bridget Love
Winds and Percussion: 80
Colorguard: 23
Total Members: 103
Muhlenberg South Show Title:
2003 Repertoire:
  • In Caelum Fero by Karl Jenkins
  • Layers (from Minimally Speaking) by Richard Saucedo
  • Malaguena by Ernesto Lecuona
Head Director: Larry J. Moore
Assistant Director: Jarren Calvert
Percussion Staff:
Colorguard Staff: Stacy Cornette
Winds and Percussion: 65
Colorguard: 12
Total Members: 77
Murray Show Title: "BLACK"
2003 Repertoire:
  • Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack, "The Matrix Reloaded" by Don Davis / Various Composers
  • Letter From Home by Pat Metheny
Head Director: Robert Dee Bishop
Assistant Director: Beth E. Stribling
Percussion Staff: Michael Swain, Josh Powell, Joseph Hobbes, Matt Shelby
Colorguard Staff: Krista Shelby, Stephan Ferguson
Music Arranger: John Fannin
Visual Designer, Brass Tech: Jason Shelby
Woodwind Tech: Chris Yoo
Student Teacher: Ashley Sumner
Winds and Percussion: 61
Colorguard: 13
Total Members: 74
Ohio County Show Title: Hope
2003 Repertoire:

Head Director: John M. Murrey
Assistant Directors: Chad Alward (percussion), Karen Alward, Lisa Murrey (colorguard)
Percussion Staff:
Colorguard Staff: Katie Allocca, Kaley Sarbacker
Winds and Percussion: 75
Colorguard: 20
Total Members: 95
Paul Blazer Show Title: Jazz 2003
2003 Repertoire:
  • Nutville by Silver Horace
  • Suitcase Blues by Hersal Thomas
  • Bell Front Blues by Jay Dawson
  • Le Hott Jazz by
Head Director: Terry D. Thompson
Assistant Directors: Patrick Brown, Yvonne Shupe
Percussion Staff:
Colorguard Staff:
Winds and Percussion: 70
Colorguard: 14
Total Members: 84
Russell County Show Title: Exodus
2003 Repertoire:
  • Exodus by Mark Higginbotham
    • Kingdom
    • Departure
    • Many Miracles
    • One Self

    Head Director: Wayne Ackerman
    Assistant Directors: Chad Floyd, Paige Jones
    Percussion Staff:
    Colorguard Staff: Caitlin Adams
    Winds and Percussion: 75
    Colorguard: 12
    Total Members: 87
Ryle Show Title: Twilight Till Dawn
2003 Repertoire:
  • Fanfare by Duke Ellington
  • Koko by Duke Ellington
  • Come Sunday by Duke Ellington
  • Harlem Air Shaft by Duke Ellington
Head Director: Matthew K. Carron
Assistant Director: Carrie Judd
Percussion Staff: Jeremiah Fowler, Shawn Robbins
Colorguard Staff: Ben Schreiber
Visual Tech: Andy Houston
Music Arranger: Rob James
Winds and Percussion: 62
Colorguard: 15
Total Members: 77
Seneca Show Title: Around The World Through Music
2003 Repertoire:
  • Mungu by Mark Nethery
  • A Mis Abuelos by Arturo Sandoval
  • Danny Boy by Percy Grainger
  • The Hut Of Baba Yaga (from Pictures At An Exhibition) by Modest Mussorgsky
Head Director: Sarah K. Hawkins-Smith
Assistant Directors: Diana Vogelsberg, Mike Grimes
Percussion Staff: Mark Nethery
Colorguard Staff: Ric Vaughn
Brass Techs: Dawn Redmond, Sean Meredith
Other Staff: Thom Pinner
Winds and Percussion: 68
Colorguard: 13
Total Members: 81
Wayne County Show Title: The Wind And The Lion
2003 Repertoire:
  • The Wind And The Lion (Main Title) by Jerry Goldsmith
  • I Remember (Love Theme) by Jerry Goldsmith
  • Raisuli Attacks by Jerry Goldsmith
Head Director: Gerald Pickrell
Assistant Directors: Kathi Pickrell, Joey Neal (colorguard), Scott Sexton (percussion)
Percussion Staff:
Colorguard Staff:
Winds and Percussion: 68
Colorguard: 11
Total Members: 79