2004 AAAA

Boone County Show Title: An American Tapestry
2004 Repertoire:
  • Chester by William Howard Schuman
  • Four Scottish Dances, movement III by Sir Malcolm Arnold
  • Chorale and Shaker Dance by John Zdechlik
Head Director: Dave Webber
Assistant Director: Tom Mueller (percussion)
Percussion Staff: Durran Alexander
Colorguard Staff: Drew Steinbrecher, Megan Iles
Visual Staff: Shawn Scott, Nick Payne
Winds and Percussion: 95
Colorguard: 18
Field Commander(s): 3
Total Members: 116
Campbell County Show Title: Symphony of Exploration
2004 Repertoire:
  • I. Setting Sail (from Of Sailors and Whales) by W. Francis McBeth
  • II. New World (from New World Symphony) by Antonin Dvorak
  • III. Rush West (from In a Frontier Town - Billy the Kid) by Aaron Copland
  • IV. Onward and Upward (from Jupiter - The Planets) by Gustav Holst
Head Director: Joe Wesche
Assistant Director: Kevin Towner
Percussion Staff: Keith Connelly, Ryan Connelly
Colorguard Staff: Elizabeth Glass, Julie Zerhusen
Visual Staff: Mike Zerhusen
Music Arranger: Scott Hickey
Drill Writer: Jack Chambers
Guard Design and Visual Concept Development: Charlie Gumbert
Winds and Percussion: 86
Colorguard: 17
Field Commander(s): 2
Total Members: 105
Eastern Show Title: Quo Vadimus: Where Are We Going?
2004 Repertoire:
  • I. Ride by Samuel Hazo
  • II. Sleep by Eric Whitacre
  • III. Ostinato (from Mikrokosmos) by Bela Bartok

Head Director: Mike Arthur
Assistant Director: Andy Reynolds
Percussion Staff: Chris Parker
Colorguard Staff: Jeremy Rice, Addie Shelby
Woodwind Tech: Kathy Liebig
Brass / Visual Tech: Russell Shartzer
Winds and Percussion: 94
Colorguard: 29
Field Commander(s): 3
Total Members: 126
George Rogers Clark Show Title: Out of the Blue
2004 Repertoire:
  • The Children's Hour Of Dreams by Charles Mingus
  • Loss by Don Ellis
  • Awayday by Adam Gorb
Head Director: Todd Moody
Assistant Directors: Joel Vincent, Trish Torline, Steve Crosby
Percussion Staff: Frank Oddis, Ben Caldwell, Jed Leach
Colorguard Staff: Dana Thomas, Rob Arnold
Low Brass / Visual Tech: Lawrence Banks
Winds and Percussion: 101
Colorguard: 25
Field Commander(s): 2
Total Members: 128
Greenwood Show Title: Western Vistas
2004 Repertoire:
  • Billy The Kid by Aaron Copland
  • The Promise of Living by Aaron Copland
  • Happy Ending (from The Red Pony) by Aaron Copland
Head Director: Brian Morrison
Assistant Director: Chris Cecil
Percussion Staff: Neil Lucas
Colorguard Staff: Katie Alloca, Brian Robinson
Visual Staff: Michael Keown
Drill Designer: Craig S. Cornish
Winds and Percussion: 146
Colorguard: 30
Field Commander(s): 3
Total Members: 179
Lafayette Show Title: The Journey of Sheba
2004 Repertoire:

Head Director: Charles M. Smith
Assistant Director: Dr. Terry N. Magee
Percussion Staff:
Colorguard Staff:
General Staff: John WIllmarth, Shannon Clark, Milton Minor, Shannon Voeuringer, Kent Myers
Winds and Percussion: 182
Colorguard: 42
Field Commander(s): 4
Total Members: 228
Madisonville-North Hopkins Show Title:
2004 Repertoire:
  • Windsprints by Richard Saucedo
  • Rendezvous With the Other Side by Richard Saucedo

Head Director: Robert M. Bryant
Assistant Directors: Alan D. Emerson, Randall L. Adams (percussion), Troy Jones (colorguard)
Percussion Staff: Josh Bryant
Colorguard Staff: Brittany Fleming
Brass / Visual Techs: Abram Barr, Ricky Plunkett
Student Teacher: Amy Fuller
Winds and Percussion: 95
Colorguard: 24
Field Commander(s): 2
Total Members: 121
Male Show Title: Home and Away
2004 Repertoire:

Head Director: Nanette Moore
Assistant Directors: Ashely Forrest, Tim Gipson (percussion), Tim Handley
Percussion Staff:
Colorguard Staff: John Roberts, Crystal Spencer, Darin Dalton
Visual Tech: John Stutts
Winds and Percussion: 140
Colorguard: 25
Field Commander(s): 2
Total Members: 166
Marshall County Show Title: Pattern - A Journey Through Sound and Form
2004 Repertoire:
  • Minimally Speaking by Richard Saucedo
    • I. New Rhythmics
    • II. Layers
    • III. Echoes

    Head Director: Michael F. Colvett
    Assistant Directors: Ronnie L. Payton, Steve Mathis
    Percussion Staff: Calvin Warren III, Ben Rice
    Colorguard Staff: Amber Roach, Stephan Ferguson
    Brass / Visual Techs: Lee Nuckols, Jenny Payton
    Music Arrangers: Richard Saucedo (winds), David Reeves (percussion)
    Marching / Visual Tech: Kristin Childers
    Winds and Percussion: 110
    Colorguard: 19
    Field Commander(s): 3
    Total Members: 132
Meade County Show Title: Minimally Speaking
2004 Repertoire:
  • Minimally Speaking by Richard Saucedo
    • I. New Rhythmics
    • II. Layers
    • III. Echoes

    Head Director: Bruce W. Soderstrom
    Assistant Directors: Christopher P. Schmidt, Eric H. Allen
    Percussion Staff:
    Colorguard Staff: Candice Zavatsky, Melody Drushal
    Winds and Percussion: 122
    Colorguard: 19
    Field Commander(s): 3
    Total Members: 144
North Hardin Show Title: "Body in Motion" -- featuring the music of Richard Saucedo, Jeff Beal, Thomas Newman, and Samuel Hazo
2004 Repertoire:
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
Head Director: Brian Froedge
Assistant Directors: Susan Froedge, David Jaggie
Percussion Staff:
Colorguard Staff:
Winds and Percussion: 116
Colorguard: 32
Field Commander(s): 4
Total Members: 152
Paul Laurence Dunbar Show Title: I-motion -- featuring the music of Mark Higginbotham
2004 Repertoire:
  • Impulse
  • Imagination
  • Innovation
  • Illumination
Head Director: Jeffrey A. Hood
Assistant Director: Brian Morgan (percussion)
Percussion Staff: Aaron Klausing, Mike Greer, David Carpenter
Colorguard Staff: Stacey Wasson, Rocky Binder, Rob Arnold, Jenny Strang
General Staff: Ashley Burris, Jeffrey Thompson, Eric Workman, Dave Tippett
Winds and Percussion: 130
Colorguard: 42
Field Commander(s): 3
Total Members: 175
Tates Creek Show Title: Then & Now.......Featuring Music From Casablanca
2004 Repertoire:

Head Director: Janet R. Allen
Assistant Director: Andy Critz
Percussion Staff: Brian Flack, Justin Fisher, Brian Lewellen, Greg Strouse
Colorguard Staff: Johnny Harris (Colorguard Caption Head/Designer), Jessica Critz, Lee Eachus
General Staff: Mark Clodfelter (Brass Caption Head), David Henderson, John Richardson, Jason Bentley (Visual Caption Head)
Winds and Percussion: 127
Colorguard: 21
Field Commander(s): 3
Total Members: 151